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Are Bed Bugs visible to the naked eye?

Bed Bugs visibleParents will often bring their children to a pediatrician because of insect bites, when it is usually all about bees, wasps or spiders. Bed bugs haven’t really managed to maintain their numbers, which means that they don’t bite as often. These insects are really small and you might think about how are bed bugs visible even when they can easily hide in your hair or even on your skin without you ever noticing them without a good look. Some doctors on the other hand, are having issues recognizing a real bed bug bite.

Bed bugs usually appear in hotels, motels or anywhere where there are lots of people in semi-hygienic conditions. There is a theory behind some of the most powerful pesticides being banned due to their malicious effect on people and that this has enabled bed bugs to spread, again. When dealing with bed bugs, you need to have a lot of patients because these pests won’t go away easily. Don’t surprise if you need to get rid of your mattress or a significant part of your furniture as these insects are so small that their nest can’t always be found. Getting rid of bed bugs is a process which can last for months, even with professional help.

There are too many types of bed bugs to count – about 40 000! However, there is a significantly less number of parasitic bed bugs such as regular bed bug which sucks human blood in all phases of its development. During the day it hides in shady place while it attacks during the night, which is why is it called a bed bug. It can easily survive without food for over half of year and can also hibernate if the temperature drops below 15°C. It usually doesn’t transmit or cause any type of disease, which is good since this insect can be found all across the globe.

Dealing with Bed Bugs

As usual, it’s always best to try and prevent bed bugs from nesting over, which includes some of the following advices. First and foremost, never purchase used furniture, especially beds and mattresses. Carefully check around every corner of the furniture if you absolutely need to purchase it before putting it into your home. Be especially careful and alert around baby cribs, where is it important to move away all of the stuffed toys, clothes and objects where bed bugs can nest. Sheets on which the baby is sleeping must never touch the floor.

If you are commonly sleeping in hotels, make sure to check the furniture thoroughly for any bed bugs nests which might come alive and bite you. Baggage can often contain a certain number of bed bugs which can easily infest your new temporary home and cause lots of issues.

In a case that your home is infested, there is no other advice I can give you other than hiring professionals, as this is a long battle requiring a lot of skills, knowledge and equipment.

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