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Does alcohol kill Bed Bugs

If you’re looking for an effective and affordable solution to bed bugs infestations, you’re in luck as there are many of these you can use. To start with, you can create a bed bugs spray which consists of some extracts and orange oil which has been known to be one of the most common sprays available for you to purchase. Before spraying your bed with it, make sure to strip it clean from any sheets and beddings, also removing the mattress out of its frame. By doing so you will gain better access to all corners and possible nesting spots of the bed bugs so spray these thoroughly.

However, there is an even more affordable and effective solution – you might have asked yourself about does alcohol kill bed bugs and the truth is that it does! Rubbing alcohol is probably the most affordable type of alcohol which is effective for this. You can use it as a spray on or rub it on places which are littered with eggs. This will basically kill any living bed bugs instantly. Once you do this, make sure to call an exterminator to check out the situation and see if there is anything else that needs to be done in order to truly exterminate bed bugs.

Bed bugs in clothes

If you have a bunch of bed bugs or a whole nest packed in your clothes, you can simply launder the clothes at about 130°F. This process will kill any bed bugs, being a recommendable procedure to take once you get home from traveling. Bed bugs tend to grab onto your clothes and luggage to cover large distances that way and once you reach your home you will be bringing an entire nest of bed bugs to nibble on your during the night.

Fortunately, bed bugs are known not to carry any diseases, but their bites can become a real nuisance. They itch a lot and look rather nasty which can be a problem if your face got bitten. It’s important not to scratch these bites as the situation will only get worse as you do it. Use some anti-itch creams to help yourself get over the itchiness, as it will help you a lot.

By vacuuming up your home and bed it is possible to suck up all of bed bugs and their nests but it is of crucial importance to dispose of the vacuum bag contents once you’re done with the procedure. If you keep it inside the bag the bed bugs will find their way out of it to proceed with their feeding and nesting. You should also check any cracks, electrical outlets and any other suspicious places where bed bugs nests may be as the new eggs may hatch in the meantime, causing a new wave of bed bugs to bite you. Thorough cleaning and extermination is required for a good and complete procedure to be done. This is where you can use professional help as they will be able to recognize all of the suspicious spots.

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