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How far do Bed Bugs Jump?

Bed bugs are versatile and can become a real nuisance, especially if their infestation keeps recurring in your home, but you can use some of their disabilities to your own advantage before it goes overboard. Many people think that bed bugs are extremely mobile and that they can jump, fly and run all over the room, which is fortunately not the case. They tend to crawl carefully and search for hidden and safe spots for them to make their nest and settle down for a while. Another comforting fact is that bed bugs aren’t really social like ants or termites, but can still work in smaller groups. Still, this causes a completely different problem since you may find a couple of loners annoying you from night to night with you thinking that you got rid of them.

What Can They Do?

Above all, bed bugs are masters of irritation and can leave itchy bites all over your body, which is probably the biggest problem with them. Fortunately, they tend not to transmit any kind of diseases, which is rather comforting since bites only itch for a week or so and it’s all gone soon enough. Still, you might have sleeping problems because these bugs always attack during the night while sleeping or hibernating during the day. This is why most people have significant problems with these insects and it’s really no wonder when you think about it.

Their bites are very similar to those of mosquitos, but some people don’t react at all or are left with tiny marks which really aren’t too annoying and it’s hard to even know that they are there. Bed bugs feed on your blood which can last them for up to ten days.

How Mobile Are These Bugs?

Not very much to be honest! Many people ask do bed bugs jump, but the simple answer is – no. They crawl around and aren’t that fast even so in terms of mobility, bed bugs aren’t too fast. However, they don’t need to since they attack their donors during the night, when there is no need for them to move quickly. Despite the fact that these bugs aren’t very mobile they are still very successful in surviving around your bed and feeding of your blood, which can make the whole experience rather annoying.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can invade any place where there is a good amount of food and shelter – gyms, rooms, hotels and many other places can be considered the top destination for bed bugs to settle. Unforunately, it’s extremely hard to establish control over an infestation as it is near to impossible to detect all bed bugs causing the problem and even a single bed bug can cause a lot of problems for you. It’s best to contact professionals in order to get this problem settled in a professional and efficient way, as any efforts you might take against them might be in vain…

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