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How to tell bugs that look like bed bugs but aren’t bed bugs!

It’s no wonder that people often mistake any smaller bugs with bed bugs; with all of the hype going around them, it really does make sense. Since bed bugs themselves are basically a species of bugs on its own, there are many different variants, most of which have completely different living habits. Generally speaking, bed bugs are known to bite and feed with human blood, which is the case with only about 10% of the bed bugs species (and there are over 40.000 recorded so far). However, there are a couple of key differences which can help you distinguish bed bugs from any other ones. To start with, if you are worried about bed bugs, you’re probably best looking around and into your bed, because they aren’t called bed bugs just for the fun of it. Your bed is a comfortable and warm place as you probably know that, but unfortunately there are bugs who know the same as well – this is why it’s most likely to find eggs and any signs of a bug’s life around and inside of your bed.

bugs that look like bed bugsChecking for Bugs

You will need to disassemble your bed into its basic parts, which is the only way to make sure that your bed is not infested. Seek below any ridges, corners and anywhere you might find a bug nest – warm, hidden and humid places are your best bet. With this in mind, if you do encounter any eggs in the bed then it’s most likely a case of bed bugs. Other similar bugs tend to come in for a short visit and are usually gone afterwards. Bed bugs on the other hand are here to stay. As long as you keep your bed clean and your room well aired, you’re dramatically reducing the chance of getting caught with a bed bug infestation. But what about those bugs that look like bed bugs? Well, to be honest, a lot of these bugs look similar so if you do find a bug zooming around your room, try to catch it and look at some of its characteristic parts. It’s then easy to browse for bed bugs and slowly try to find these characteristics in order to confirm its identity.

Getting Rid of an Infestation

Still, any bug that you aren’t expecting in your room (like flies, mosquitos) needs to be acknowledged. Any roach-like insect might also represent a threat for your health or they might annoy and scare you during the night, so it’s best to give yourself a couple of hours to turn your room upside down and find any possible nests that might have been created by the bugs. In case you do, don’t panic! Make sure to scout around your entire room and if you only find one single nest, you might just get rid of it and forget the problem ever happened. However, if you do find multiple nests, it might be a good idea to ask for professional help since these bugs aren’t in your room for no reason – they must like it because of something, and it’s really difficult to determine why this might be.

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