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Dealing with pests such as termites or bed bugs can become an issue, especially if you discover the infestation a bit too late. Fortunately, with products such as Terminix, a bed bugs infestation will never reach a stage when it’s “too late”. You also play an important role in treating the infestation as you need to report any signs of bedbugs as soon as you notice them. Seek for traces such as blood spots on your sheets, specific black excrement which can be found all over the room and even bed bugs themselves – in their dead or live form. This is particularly important for those people who don’t really react as extensively to bedbugs’ bites, making it more difficult to become aware of the infestation in the works. On top of that, bedbugs really spread quickly and may cause your visitors to have the same problems in their homes as these bugs have really great mechanics when it comes to moving to new places.

Efficiency of Terminix

If you decide to go with Terminix as your main assistant in dealing with bed bugs you should know that this kind of assignment has multiple phases. First and foremost, an employee will need to examine your home thoroughly to detect and confirm that there is in fact a bedbug’s infestation. After this has been done, a physical cleansing of the entire room, your bed, your furniture – everything needs to be closely examined, physically removing bedbugs and their nests in the process.

Once this segment has completed, chemical treatment of bedbugs may begin. RapidFreeze solution is used to treat bedbugs, which is safe for the environment as well as your own health, being deadly only to bed bugs and some other smaller pests. The biggest benefit of this solution is that it acts very quickly, without hesitation and has proven to be one of the most efficient treatment solutions you can get.


After the chemical solution has been applied in your room, getting all of the bed bugs and their eggs annihilated, you get a warranty period of 30 days to come. Within this period, if there are any new infestation appearances, you will get a free service to have everything annihilated again. You are not expected to pay any amount of money during this period, which is great since not many products or companies working with all kinds of different solutions do this.

Good feedback

If you’re still not too sure about using this solution for your own bedbug’s issue, read up on other users’ feedback as there is plenty of it. The most important aspect of getting rid of an infestation is to get rid of it permanently. With bedbugs there is a high chance of the infestation re-appearing, but with the 30 day warranty period it definitely makes it worth your while. Read up on bedbugs’ detection too, especially if you’re not sure about whether you’re having bed bugs or some other pest; this will help you determine what exact type of infestation you’re dealing with.

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